Retail Energy Code (REC) Change


The introduction of the Retail Energy Code (REC) brings all code requirements around retail energy activities under one umbrella.

REC replaced the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) and the Master Registration Agreement (MRA) in 2021.

It also introduced a new set of governance and change-related processes for us. This included the introduction of the new Gas Enquiry Service (GES) and the need to connect REC systems with UK Link, under the Gas Retail Data Agent (GRDA).



Switching programme

The REC delivered faster and easier switching for consumers. It governs switching processes and introduced more reliable arrangements for consumers to switch their Supplier.

This was delivered through the Central Switching Service (CSS).

Please visit our Switching programme page for more information.

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Through our REC Change investment theme, we’re playing a fundamental role in the delivery of:

  • faster and easier switching for gas consumers
  • a new, consistent set of switching arrangements for Suppliers and consumers

You can find more information on this investment theme, along with the benefits these activities will deliver, in our 2022 Business Plan.


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