Contact Management Service (CMS)

Find out about this online business-to-business service for managing contacts, including how to access and use it.

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    What is the Contact Management Service (CMS)?

    The CMS is an online business-to-business tool used by Xoserve and our customers.

    CMS provides secure means to raise contacts using batch and online interfaces. Whichever way contacts are raised, they can be tracked from start to finish.


    Who can use the CMS?

    The CMS is only available to:

    • Daily Metered Service Providers
    • Meter Reading Agencies
    • Network Operators (gas Transporters and Independent Gas Transporters)
    • Shippers
    • Utility Infrastructure Providers


    How much does the service cost?

    The CMS is a general service provided under the Data Services Contract (DSC). It’s not chargeable separately.


    CMS rebuild rollout

    We’re currently rebuilding the system that supports the CMS.

    For more information on this project, visit the CMS rebuild webpage.

    The new version of CMS is being delivered using agile methodology, meaning functionality will be delivered incrementally.

    While we deliver this new functionality the old and new version of CMS will both be live.

    During this time:

    • The old version of CMS should be used for Contact types that have not moved over to the new version
    • The new version of CMS should be used for Contact types that have moved over to the new system

    To find out which Contact types have moved, view our Contact types and functionality table on the CMS rebuild webpage


    How to access the CMS

    You can only access the CMS if you’re an authorised user. Access is managed by your organisation’s Local Security Officer (LSO), who is responsible for:

    • creating and deleting accounts
    • changing account permissions
    • resetting passwords (when a user is unable to reset their own password)

    If you’re unsure who your LSO is, please contact us by raising a support request.

    Raise a support request


    Amending computer or device settings

    If you're using the older version of CMS, you may need to amend your computer or device settings if you’re a new user or using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). You should consult your IT representative before following our guides, which you can access below.

    System configuration Guidance for File Download

    Guide to Settings for IE11 for File Upload

    If you're using the new version of CMS, please ensure your internet browser is up to date. 


    User guide to access

    If you're using the old version of CMS, you can find out more about access in our user guide. This includes guidance on changing your password and modifying profile details.

    Access Control User Guide for CMS

    If you're using the new version of CMS, you can find out about changing account settings in our training course. 

    New CMS training course


    LSO guidance for managing access

    If you’re an LSO, you can control the activation and termination of access rights. Find out more in our user guide.

    For the old version of CMS: External Local Security Officer Guide

    For the new version of CMS: CMS - Local Security Officer (LSO) Guide


    How to use the CMS

    Your LSO should be able to help you with training on how to use the CMS.

    If your LSO is unable to train you, please contact your Customer Advocate, who will be able to help. Alternatively, you can email our team.



    CMS user guides

    Before using the CMS for the first time, please read the reference material below. 

    Old CMS material

    Our CMS Quick Reference Guide may help answer your initial queries. You can also find links below to user guides for each group of our customers.

    New CMS material

    For the new version of CMS, please view our dedicated documents training material on our CMS rebuild webpage. 

    CMS rebuild training material 


    Accessing Contact Management Service (CMS) USRV files

    Please contact your Customer Advocate if you need access to User Suppressed Reconciliation Value (USRV) documents.


    Where to find file formats used in the CMS

    For the old version of CMS, you can find the file formats used in the CMS in the UK Link document secured area, which is a secure internal network.

    If you haven’t already done so, you can apply for access.

    Accessing secure documents

    The functionality to upload files hasn't been rolled out in the new version yet. To find out the latest news on the rollout, please visit the CMS rebuild page.


    Common queries

    In the old version of CMS, to check on the progress of your Contact, call the Contact Management Service (CMS) Helpline on 0121 713 4903.

    You can also email us at

    In the new version of the CMS here, which you can access here, select "Search CRN" from the menu screen. 

    If you search for a CRN that exists in the new version of CMS*, and is visible to your organisation, then you'll then see the status and history of the Contact. Additionally, you can search for multiple contacts simultaneously using the "Advanced Search" function. 

    You can find assistance for using the search functions or definitions of Contact statuses on the CMS rebuild page or in our training course


    *You'll only be able to see the Contacts raised in the new version of CMS. Contacts raised in the old version of CMS will remain in that system until they are resolved. 











    The service in the CMS may have been revoked or the access suspended by your Local Security Officer (LSO).

    You’ll need to contact your LSO to see if the service can be re-instated.

    Access Control is a self-service ability within the Contact Management Service (CMS).

    As a user of the service, you can modify your password and some of your profile details.

    If you’re a Local Security Officer (LSO), you can control the activation and termination of access rights.

    The CMS is available from 8am to 6pm. This is the same for the old version and the new version that is currently being rolled out. 

    You can access the new version of CMS here.

    For any Contact types that have not moved over to the new version of CMS, you'll need to log in to the older version of CMS here. You can check which Contacts have moved over in our Contact types and functionality table

    You can also download our 'How to access the new CMS' guide below.


    The file formats used in the Contact Management Service are held in UK Link Documentation.*

    *Access to secure links are only available to gas shippers and transporters. To gain access find out about accessing secure documents.

    For the new version of CMS, you can find formats in the training guide

    In both the old and new versions of the CMS, there is a "forgot password" link on the login homepage. From there, you'll receive a confirmation email with a link to reset your password. 


    No, once your User ID is set up it cannot be changed.

    In the old version of the CMS, all users will automatically have access to the Access Control service within the CMS as part of the account set-up process.

    However, the amount of options available for you to view in this service will be governed by your Local Security Officer (LSO).

    If you have a query regarding these options, you’ll need to contact your LSO.

    We've created this document, which shows which screen you'll see in either environment. 

    Log in to the old CMS

    The CMS is available through the Xoserve Services Portal.

    Log in

    Log in to the new CMS

    We're currently rebuilding the CMS, which is available alongside the old version. 

    Log in

    Contact us

    If you have any questions about CMS, please email our team.

    Email us


    CMS maintenance windows: 

    5pm–7am - Monday to Friday
    12pm–7am - Saturday to Monday

    Maintenance windows and system outage information is on our System outages page. 

    View System outages