Why join Xoserve

Discover the benefits of working for Xoserve – and joining our talented team.

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    Why choose us?

    When you join Xoserve, you put yourself at the very heart of Britain’s gas market.

    You become part of a growing, vibrant, technology-driven business that:

    • manages and protects huge volumes of data used by the whole of the UK gas industry
    • enables gas industry operations from ship to door for a range of customers
    • processes data associated with 24 million gas meter points across the country
    • ensures the gas market balances every day
    • cares about creating more value for the gas industry – and gas consumers

    Find out more about our role and customers.


    Our passion, our mission

    We’re on a mission to radically transform the gas market.  

    Right now, it’s a complex place to do business. Our aim is to simplify the gas market by maintaining and leveraging industry assets for the benefit of everyone.  

    That means helping Suppliers, Shippers and Transporters navigate the market more efficiently. And making sure we don’t burden consumers with additional costs.  

    An exciting time to join Xoserve

    We’re at a critical stage of our development, with an exciting future ahead.

    We know that the value of the data we manage is yet to be fully realised. When we unlock that value – by helping customers and other innovative partners run their own analytics and apps on our data sets – we can offer almost unlimited future value.


    Who are we looking for?

    We want people on our team who share our beliefs, behaviour and values. In particular, we value enthusiasm, ideas and ambition.