System outages

A dedicated page of maintenance and outage information for Xoserve's systems.

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    System outage information

    Daily maintenance windows

    We implement critical updates during standard daily maintenance windows (see below table). This work is conducted outside of core business hours to minimise disruption, during these windows you may not be able to access our systems.

    Planned outages

    We may require a system outage that falls outside of the daily maintenance window, or to a system where there is no daily maintenance window. This is a planned outage and details will be provided below.

    Known issues

    If we are working to resolve a problem with any of our systems, regular updates will be provided on our Live updates webpage.


    System statuses

    System Daily maintenance window Planned outage
    UK Link 5am–7am - Monday to Sunday No
    Gemini 3:15am–4:15am - Monday to Saturday
    3am–5am - Sunday
    Contact Management Service (CMS) 5pm–7am - Monday to Friday
    12pm–7am - Saturday to Monday
    Service Portal 12am–3:15am - Monday to Sunday No
    Cloud IX service  5am–7am - Monday to Sunday  No
    Physical IX connection No maintenance window No
    Xoserve Service Desk No maintenance window No
    Electronic File Transfer (EFT) No maintenance window Yes
    Application Programming Interface (API) No maintenance window No
    SiteMinder No maintenance window No
    SwitchStream No maintenance window No


    Planned outage 

    There are no system outages planned at this time.

    Raise a support request

    Please raise a support request if you have any queries regarding any of our systems.

    Raise a support request