Energy Identification Codes (EIC)

Learn about EICs and find out how to get one from Xoserve.

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    What is the EIC?

    The EIC is a 16-character code used across the European Union (EU) to identify participants and energy resources in the gas sector. 

    You can get an EIC through Xoserve. This becomes your unique ID in the EU Internal Energy Market (IEM).

    The EIC is only a coding scheme — and isn’t a right to trade energy.


    Who is it for?

    An EIC is for any active market participant or entity operating within the IEM.


    What does it do?

    EIC codes are the most commonly used form of ID when electronic messages are exchanged between gas market parties. They:

    • identify each participant operating in the IEM
    • ensure that electronic data exchanges on the European energy market are done efficiently and reliably

    An EIC is recommended as good practice for all gas market parties.

    It’s essential if you need to trade on the PRISMA gas capacity trading platform. 


    How do I apply for an EIC?

    Xoserve is the Local Issuing Office (LIO) for EICs for gas in Great Britain.

    The ENTSO-E website has a list of all European LIOs.

    We can authorise international and local EICs, but we recommend an international EIC.

    It’s easy to apply. Just complete the relevant form:

    To modify your code, choose from:

    To deactivate a code, complete this form:

    We will then:

    • process your request—and consult with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) about international codes
    • allocate your EIC and send confirmation by email
    • publish your new code on our website. If it’s an international code, we’ll publish on the ENTSO-E website, too


    This document shows all the codes issued by us and older ones issued by National Gas Transmission.

    • Codes beginning ‘48’ were issued by National Gas Transmission.
    • Codes beginning ‘55’ are issued by us.

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