UK Link System

Connecting the complex systems that are essential for Britain's competitive retail gas market.

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    Accessing UK Link

    Access to UK Link is through the Xoserve Services Portal.

    Only authorised users can use UK Link. 

    Authorised user groups

    Authorised user groups of the UK Link System include:

    • Ofgem
    • UNC parties
    • Meter readers
    • User agents
    • Delivery facility operators and connected system operators
    • Meter Asset Providers
    • Meter Asset Managers

    To gain access to UK Link, your Local Security Officer (LSO) will need to complete a Secure Site Access Request Form. You can find this on our Accessing secured documents webpage.

    Access for third parties

    Access can also be provided for third parties who don't fall into any of the authorised user groups. Users will need to sign the UK Link User Agreement

    If you require access to the UK Link System, please email us


    UK Link System

    UK Link connects the complex information, technology and communications systems that are essential to the successful competitive retail gas market in Britain. The suite, which is used and managed by us in our role as Central Data Service Provider (CDSP), ensures the industry operates smoothly, effectively and efficiently, and in accordance with the Uniform Network Code (UNC). 

    The component parts of UK Link are: 

    We support and manage the evolution of UK Link through our UK Link Releases

    As part of our Change Programme, it assures the UK Link System for the future, effectively responding to the challenging, fluid and exciting demands of the gas market of Great Britain. 


    List of UK Link organisations

    This document contains the latest list of organisations that are registered in our UK Link System. Organisations such as Shippers, Traders, Suppliers, Meter Asset Managers, Meter Asset Providers, Automated Meter Reading Service Providers and Smart Metering System Operators.

    Data Permissions Matrix (DPM)

    The UK Link DPM is the register of data items held in our Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) systems that each user type is entitled to access.

    The supporting DPM Conditionality Document provides a summary of the DPM user types, and details any specific conditionality agreed by the DSC Contract Management Committee (CoMC) when allowing user types access to data.

    Try our new DPM search functionality

    Our new online functionality makes it easier to quickly find and export DPM data.

    Enter keyword searches and apply filters for categories like user type, area, permission, view type, and version.

    The new page is being trialled in 'Beta' phase and we’d love to get your feedback to help us make further improvements.

    Try new DPM search

    User feedback is essential to help us understand how the new search and filter functionality can be further developed.

    Please provide your feedback via email at:

    Priority 1 (critical files) within UK Link

    This document shows a list of file types that have been classified as Priority 1 (P1) files. These are files that are subject to a service level agreement, or form part of a time-bound process, where a delay in the processing of the file could cause process failures.

    During planned outages, or when a system failure occurs, we consider these files when planning catch-up activities and when we make priority calls to process any backlogs.

    Log in to UK Link

    Access UK Link through the Xoserve Services Portal.

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    MAM/MAP customers

    MAP IDs are now part of UK Link following the November 2021 Major Release.

    Find out more on the MAM/MAP file transfer mechanism page.

    MAM/MAP file transfers