Information Exchange (IX)

Learn about this communications system, which you’ll need if you use Gemini, Gemini Exit, Invoicing and Supply Point Administration, or UK Link.

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    What is Information Exchange (IX)?

    Information Exchange (IX) is the communications system that lets users of our services work with each other.  

    IX is not available for purchase as a stand-alone system – only to enable use of Xoserve’s services.  

    You’ll need to have IX installed so you can interact with: 

    • Gemini 
    • UNC invoicing 
    • Supply Point Administration 


    Who is the service for?

    We provide IX to all our new Data Services Contract (DSC) and UK Link User Agreement (UUA) customers.

    Other customers, such as Meter Asset Managers and Daily Meter Service Providers can also obtain IX. 


    What IX will do for you

    As a customer of Xoserve, IX provides you with the means to exchange files with us via a wide area network (WAN). Additionally, it will allow you to send files to other IX users via business-to-business transfers.

    IX is also the secure route to access Gemini.  


    How much does the service cost?

    When customers join the gas market, we discuss the installation of IX and invoicing arrangements as part of the application process.


    How to access IX

    If IX needs to be installed, our service provider will contact you to arrange a time and date for this. This will be done as part of your application to join the gas market.

    The arrangements will include:

    • agreeing indicative timescales for IX installation and configuration work 
    • signing an IX installation and sharing agreement


    How to use IX

    If you’re a new user of IX or would like to know more about how to use the system, you can access our online IX e-learning. This step-by-step guide covers IX setup, how to send and receive files, and how to maintain the directories.

    Visit our IX e-learning


    List of IX nodes

    Check if a location you are sending to is valid for file transfer.

    Download list


    Planning an outage?

    If you're planning an outage that might affect the IX installation at your site, please let us know by raising a support request


    Common queries

    Please do not submit test files without speaking to us. To find out how we can support your requirements, email our Customer Care Team. 


    If you can’t locate files that you’ve sent through or expect to receive through IX, please refer to our Missing Customer Files FAQs. These provide hints and tips to help you locate the files.  

    Missing Customer Files FAQs 

    If you still can’t locate the files, you can raise a support request. When you log a ticket, you’ll need to complete and include the table on page 6 of the Missing Customer Files FAQs. 

    Raise a support request

    Our list of IX nodes is a simple way for you to check the location you are sending to is valid before transferring files through IX. 

    Please note, the information in the list: 

    • is not confirmation about the correct way to transfer your business-to-business files 
    • only shows nodes that match the correct short codes currently in our system  

    When using UK Link to transfer business-to-business files, both parties need to agree the correct method of information transfer before transfers begin.


    System outages are updated on our System outages page.

    View System outages

    Issues with IX equipment?

    If you have any faults or issues after IX has been installed, please raise a support request.

    Raise a support request