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Understand what change packs are used for – and search our list to find past and present packs.

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    What are change packs?

    When we make changes to our infrastructure and services – or lead on industry reform – we publish change packs.

    These documents share information about changes with the industry.

    Often, we ask customers to review the information and send us their responses.

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    Different types of change packs

    We publish four types of change packs.

    Initial review – this asks customers and stakeholders for their opinions on new changes.

    Solution review – this outlines different solutions and their costs.

    Design – this has information about a change’s specific design, plus any amendments to file formats and impact on systems.

    Other – this contains changes that are implemented for special or unexpected reasons. These packs can be used for:

    • information
    • general review
    • representation


    Latest change packs

    View past and current change packs


    Change packs

    Search and view past and current change packs.

    Change packs
    View an overview of the
    DSC change process

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