How we manage change

Find out how we facilitate changes that help the gas industry operate efficiently for all our stakeholders.

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    What changes do we manage?

    In our role of Central Data Service Provider (CDSP), we facilitate changes that help the gas industry operate smoothly.

    We manage:

    • changes proposed by and paid for by our Data Services Contract (DSC) customers
    • industry-wide investment changes set out in our annual business plan


    Customer-proposed changes

    Our DSC customers can propose specific changes that help them use our processes, products or services.

    They can propose changes by discussing them with us, or by submitting a Change Proposal.

    We encourage our customers to discuss potential changes with us directly. This helps us understand their needs and to explore potential solutions without the need for a formal proposal.

    If you’d like to talk to us about a potential change, please email our Customer Change team.


    DSC customers can submit a formal Change Proposal.

    You can find out how to do this on our Submit a Change Proposal page.

    You can also see the full list of current proposals we’ve received on our Customer change register

    The Change Management Committee (ChMC) reviews each Change Proposal we receive. If the proposal is approved by the ChMC, we’ll then seek views from any parties affected by the proposal. These views may further shape the proposal before it’s progressed and ultimately approved for implementation.

    We gather these views, representations and approvals through change packs and change forums.

    You can view a step-by-step breakdown of the change process using the link below. 

    View change process


    Industry-wide investment changes

    We manage industry-wide investment changes that are set out in our annual business plan.

    These changes may stem from:

    • regulatory change or developments
    • proposals from our own industry experts
    • feedback we’ve received from talking to customers and industry bodies


    How change is funded

    The changes we introduce are funded by:

    • DSC customers, who pay for specific changes they propose 
    • Customer groups (Shippers, Distribution Networks, Independent Gas Transporters and National Gas Transmission), who provide proportionate funds for the investments set out in our annual business plan

    The ChMC uses the general change budget to fund customer-driven change. You can find details of how these funds are being used in the document below.


    Download ChMC Change Budget

    View details of how the general change budget is being used to deliver change for our DSC customers.

    ChMC Change Budget


    What is the customer change register?

    The customer change register is a record of Change Proposals we’ve received from our DSC customers.

    Each listing includes a summary, status, and full details of the proposal. You can access these details by clicking on the relevant hyperlinked XRN (Change Proposal) number.

    View the change register

    Use the button below to view the customer change register. You can also download the register to an excel format (in both a filtered and unfiltered view). 

    View the change register
    View an overview of the
    DSC change process

    Customer change register

    Use the button below to view the customer change register.

    View the register
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    Queries about change? Please email our Customer Change team.