15 November 2023

We are delighted to present the second draft of our Business Plan for 2024-25 which can be downloaded here.

What’s changed? What's new?

We've included a summary (page 6) which will enable you to navigate to the changes made in the document from the initial draft, which we published in September. Changes include:

  • an updated 2023-24 ‘Y-1’ rebate table and further clarity as to the various elements.
  • a new glossary section to improve accessibility.
  • information about current year effectiveness (KPM/PI performance).
  • information relating to our plan to address the findings of the recent Efficiency (VfM) Review.


For more info

Please visit our BP24 Hub for:

  • the Q&A register which contains all non-confidential feedback/points for clarification and Xoserve responses.
  • video links to all customer engagement sessions.

We will shorty publish a bitesize version of BP24 which will also be uploaded to the BP24 Hub. 


Next steps

The consultation window for feedback is now open and will remain so until 30 November 2023. We haven’t posed any specific questions for the second draft, but if you have any feedback or queries please email us at business.planning@xoserve.com.

Email us

The final draft of BP24 is scheduled to be published on 15 December 2023.

Many thanks for your continued engagement.


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