23 May 2024

Our CEO Steve Brittan looks back on the recent Stakeholder Event and launches the new digital portal for Business Plan 2025 (BP25).

On 15 May we invited a wide range of customers and stakeholders to our HQ in Solihull to join me, my executive team and our Chair Mike Hogg, to discuss Xoserve’s strategy ahead of the Business Plan 2025-28 cycle. The event was extremely well attended with representatives from across the gas industry engaging in discussion as to the ways in which we will build trust, innovate and deliver our strategy. Thank you to everybody who attended - it was truly fantastic to see such an array of industry experts in the room, discussing Xoserve’s evolution.

My team and I set out how we will evolve, by building on the firm foundations we have in place today in terms of robust, efficient operational performance and ever-improving customer satisfaction scores. I explained how customer and stakeholder feedback, kindly provided since I became CEO in summer 2023, has informed the strategic themes underpinning BP25 which are intended to propel our growth from:

  • Transparency to trust
  • Assurance to confidence
  • System custodian to transition facilitator
  • Stakeholder servants to serving stakeholders
  • Code delivery to code management

These are ambitious but important themes as we look to maximise our potential for providing value to customers and stakeholders.

Underlining our ambition to become the future gas network Code Manager, I promoted a collective approach to navigating the period of change ahead, whilst also emphasising the importance of leadership – I truly believe Xoserve has an important role to play in this regard and that this event has provided a valuable springboard for future collaboration. It was very encouraging that, when polled, most attendees thought that Xoserve’s case to assume the role was either strong already or developing in the right direction, and that BP25 should contain funding for preparatory work in this area.

We also introduced Project Trident, which is a significant programme of work required during this decade to modernise UK Link, ahead of a mandatory SAP upgrade. Given UK Link’s criticality to the gas industry, attendees were interested to hear our plan to explore options, providing useful feedback in terms of our approach and the perceived benefits and potential challenges involved in the project.

All relevant content from the event, including the discussions captured during group exercises and audience polls, has been uploaded onto a dedicated BP25 portal. Here you can find all material from the event, providing commentary or posing questions – this will be live for the whole of the BP25 cycle and I encourage you to make use of it going forward.

BP25 Portal

We will also be facilitating further BP25 engagement sessions in the months ahead, so there will be plenty more opportunities to engage. 

I would like to once again thank everybody who travelled to be with us in person or joined online. Your engagement is always valued and never taken for granted, and we will utilise all feedback as we now begin the drafting process for BP25. 

Kind Regards

Steve Brittan - CEO




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